Connecticut Intrusion Archwires




Developed in consultation with Dr. Ravindra Nanda, this archwire is a great tool for providing absolute intrusion
of anterior teeth, molar tip-back, incisor flaring, leveling of anterior occlusal cants, and more! Our CIA Archwire is
available in either Nitanium or nickel-free CNA, in both maxillary and mandibular forms. The force may be adjusted
by increasing or decreasing the bend at the posterior leg of the arch. 


The CIA Archwire offers the following benefits:
• Use the long (upper/lower) archwires for non-extraction and/or long arches
• Use the short (upper/lower) archwire for extraction and/or shorter arches 


Nitanium version of the CIA Archwire
• Provides moderate, continuous forces over a large activation range
• Super elastic qualities
• For use with adult or mixed dentition 


CNA Beta Nickel-free version of the CIA Archwire

• Nickel-free archwire
• Recommended for use in adult patients
• Ideal for following NiTi treatment
• Best for extraction patients treated with sliding mechanics; the archwire may be used for intraoral anchorage
• Accepts permanent bends which allows force adjustment and cinch back